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Lunch Club

Lunch ClubMonday 6 February 2017

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24 Hour Prayer Space

‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place’ Mark 6v31

The 24-7 prayer movement, which started in England over 10 years ago, is now operating in over 100 countries. It promotes 24-7 prayer rooms in churches, in schools, in universities, in parliament and in various community venues. Reaching out to people wherever they may be and by encouraging visitors to such prayer rooms, new and existing Christians are finding a new life, fresh faith and a new relationship with God

The vision of 24-7 prayer is to inspire and encourage all Christians (new and old) to pray to Jesus. To realise the power of prayer, a power that is key to life, a power that can make changes to life and through Jesus give us hope in our lives. It’s about Christians learning to pray by praying, by really praying and not just repeating prayers we have learned off by heart. It’s a means to help us focus on our prayers and their meaning, even The Lord’s Prayer, which we recite at least once a week.

A 24-7 prayer room is a simple idea. It’s just praying without stopping… in one hour shifts, in a room or space that’s been set aside as the ‘prayer room’.

Sometimes we just need to be given a little help or a reason to help us focus, free from hustle and bustle of daily life, to somewhere you can take time out to be alone with God, to connect with God in a quiet, peaceful place.

Our target is to fill the space with continuous prayer and quiet contemplation for the 2 periods of 12 hours. We will provide a space to help stimulate visitors to read, think and pray for a variety of things; for themselves, for family and friends, for the community, and for others around the world.

We welcome all those who have visited the prayer spaces in the past plus any new visitors. If you are unsure just ask someone who has been before and you will no doubt be convinced that it is a worthwhile experience.

For more information on our Prayer Room please contact Liz Dobbie (585 3220 or )

Learn more about the 24-7 prayer movement on www.uk.24-7prayer.com

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