Office Bearers

President: Margaret Preufer: 0141 569 7602

Treasurer: Anne Middleton: 0141 638 3124


The Guild at Eastwood presently stands at 18 persons who attend regularly , and this includes two gentlemen whom I think enjoy the meetings as much as the ladies do.

We usually meet from October until March ,every second Monday at 2pm in the Harper Hall . We try to have a varied syllabus of Speakers who come and speak on topics that we think would be of interest to the Guild , and included in this in each half of the year we invite either our own Minister or one of the local Ministers to come and speak to us on a topic that is appropriate .

Usually in the second half of the year we invite other Guilds in the area to a Guest Afternoon and at that we have a nice afternoon of entertainment and fellowship .

We help with the Christmas Fair in December and also in Springtime we hold a Guild Coffee Morning and through doing this we are able to send a donation to a Charity of our choice.

Over the past couple of years we have rounded off the year with an outing to a local place of interest.  We have found that this is enjoyed by all and the Church mini bus is always full .

We welcome any new members that wish to come along .


This years’ meetings are as follows:

 9th October 2017  “The Work of the Search and Rescue Dogs”

Stuart Ballentyne

 23rd October 2017  “Fraud Awareness”                                    TSB Bank
 6th November 2017  “The Work of the Deaconess”        Mary Gargrave
 20th November 2017  “Old Glasgow Street Sings”            Karine Davison
 4th December 2017  “Christmas Confusions”      Rev. John Martindale
 11th December 2017  “Carol Service”


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