Working Groups

In addition to our Kirk Session, which looks after the spiritual and structural affairs of the church, we also have a number of Working Groups which involve elders and other members of our church family. Members are encouraged to contribute to the life of the church by serving on these teams. These groups support and develop youth work, outreach, social activities and the care of the congregation.

Activities and contact details for the various groups are as follows:


Maintain and improve the property of the congregation consisting of the Church, the halls, the ‘cottage’, the church grounds, the manse and its garden.

Convener: Jim Shaw

tel: 0141 638 8764

email :

Finance & Business

In charge of the running of the financial affairs of the congregation and maximise income and attempt to balance the budget in whatever ways possible.

Convener: Alistair Dobbie

tel: 0141 585 3220

email :

Worship Outreach & Publicity (WOP)

While recognising that the conduct of worship is the responsibility of the minister, the WOP group assist in whatever suitable way the minister wishes, to advise on any questions of major change, and to be fully responsible (drafting in helpers as required) for at least one service a year. Also, plan outreach both to members of the congregation and to the parish and assist in its implementation.

Convener: Liz Dobbie

tel: 0141 585 3220


Social & Fundraising

Plan and organise (with help drafted in as desired) events for the social life of the congregation and also attempt to raise funds for the good of the congregation or other charities.

Convener: Anne Maree Smith

tel: 0141 585 3911